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Listing Plan

Full-Service Listing Program

  • 100% Seller guidance from start to finish

  • We handle all the paperwork, field any questions or information requests from possible buyers and buyers agents.  We will provide advice along the way and negotiate all offers to help you achieve the absolute best price and terms for your home.

  • We act as your advocate with all impacted parties (buyer agent, closing attorney, etc.) while advising on anything else that needs to be addressed during the sales process.

        Although not limited to, our Full-Service Listing Programs typically include the following:

  • Initial face-to-face consultation with a Next Step Realty associate to discuss sales options, pricing, staging, etc.

  • Market analysis of your home to assist in accurate pricing

  • Discuss and complete all necessary paperwork and required documentation for the listing and sale of the home

  • Maximum number of pictures allowed by MLS taken by a professional photographer

  • Video Walkthrough 

  • Home professionally measured

  • Maximum MLS and internet access with your listing appearing on several hundred real estate websites including Zillow and

  • Lockbox for Realtor access

  • A yard or window signage as appropriate

  • Updates, when new homes come on the market in your neighborhood to help, monitor, and benchmark your competition

  • A personal relationship with your listing agent who is there to assist in all phases of the sales process.


Full-Service —  4% commission paid at the time of closing

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