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Selling Your Property With  Next Step Realty


Today’s marketing emphasis is on the value of the web and its ability to attract buyers. Next Step Realty has a presence on every primary real estate website, and our listings are syndicated to hundreds more. Because we are an independently operated company, we have the flexibility to adapt our marketing strategy to target the perfect buyer for your home.

We are experienced professionals and skilled negotiator who knows how to work with sellers to achieve maximum price and optimal terms for sale. We will partner with you and work diligently to make your sale a success.

Learn more about how Next Step Realty can help you sell your property, and if you have any additional questions, please contact us!




Steps to a Successful Sale


DETERMINE the BEST ASKING PRICE for your home can be one of the most challenging steps in the sales process, while also the most important.  Don't depend on  "online estimates" and fail to understand that most of these estimates are generated based on public information like tax records, sales history, and comparable sales, which is helpful . . . but it is important to realize that your home’s overall condition, unique features, and specific location must be a part of the equation.  As your agent, we will weigh all factors against the rest of the market to determine a competitive price for your home. 





  • Curb Appeal: The first impression is a critical factor in selling your home and is crucial...Often a buyer decides not even to enter a home based on its curb appeal, so make sure your home’s exterior looks excellent. Trim your shrubs, weed your flower beds, fix any peeling paint and keep the walkway clear.

  • Pay attention to smells: Avoid cooking fish, bacon or anything that could have lingering odors.  Wash pet beds and change the litter box. 

  • Clear the Clutter:  Clear anything that detracts from your home’s beautiful features.

  • Clean, Clean...and clean again: Dust on top of the fireplace mantle, fan blades, and baseboards polish your appliances and faucets, and give the windows a thorough washing.

  • Paint: Neutral Colors




We are committed to Assisting Sellers through the entire process; from listing a home to assisting the seller as they prepare to move. We specialize in easing the transition of moving from one house to the next.




Next Step Realty can provide recommendations for local "Business Referrals" ...from Cleaners, Lawn Care, Handymen, and Hair Salons to Attorneys, Doctors, and Dentists...We know it takes a lot to get settled in the process of Selling and Buying a home; being able to have a list of trusted professionals is the Next Step to a successful transaction!

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